Catering for Various Events

No matter what event you are planning, involving Kelowna's Good Stuff Catering will save you a lot of stress and mess! Click here to read more about how we can cater your wedding too!

Our per plate cost is not very different than what you would pay if you were doing all the preparation and cooking yourself (probably less, actually!) so why go through a lot of hassle when we can take care of everything for you at an extremely reasonable cost.

From backyard BBQ's to birthday parties, we will cater. Whether you want to hold the event at your own home, or have chosen another venue, Good Stuff Catering will come to you and use whatever facilities are available in order to "put on a spread"!

And we even have a food truck so that we can do all the cooking in our own mobile facility!

Call (250) 765-9301 or email us for more information.